Daily Prompts- Are you listening?

Do grant me some respite

From the gelid stares, icy rebuttals

Is it printed on my forehead?

Is this my lot in life, I ask them

There is no excuse for this behavior

Yet I am always put in that zone

Where I stand alone and despised

Am I not a part of you?

Am I not a person like you?

Am I finally getting through to you?

In response to the following prompts;




Finally, Lot, Printed





Word of the day challenge;








28 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Are you listening?

  1. Played around…still pales in comparison to Sadje’s

    At last, you are finally listening
    A respite from your usual behavior
    I have a lot to say
    And I ask for your patience
    Please, don’t interrupt
    With your gelid stare that drives me to the brink of madness
    I will not condone that behavior
    Not now, or ever again
    All I ask, is you hear me
    Heed my words
    I am in the zone
    Not of hatred
    But love
    Please, just lend your ear
    And listen

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