Mystery of weight loss explained

Are you one of almost 40% of people in the world who are overweight?

Well, worry not anymore as I have cracked the code, on why we are overnight and how we can fix it.

This explains almost all the problems of being overweight. With my weight, if I were 6 feet tall it would have been just perfect. So I should blame it on the genes that I haven’t grown to my full potential.


Or maybe it’s the outfit that is making me look fat.

This so spot on. If I were anywhere but on earth, my weight would have been negligible. So I am on the wrong planet.

Self-evident truth which even a third-grader knows. Heat expands things. So it’s just the heat!

My favorite! Don’t weigh yourself and you will never know that you’re overweight.

I hope you enjoyed this bit of silliness.

Keep on smiling and don’t worry about your weight!


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