Some Questions from Kristian and Di

Kristian was awarded the Awesome Blogger Award by Rory.

And Di was nominated by Claudia for Liebster Award.

They both have invited anyone who is interested, to answer their questions.

So here are my answers!

The Questions:

1. What would you like to see on tomorrow mornings newspaper headlines?

Take your pick;

•World powers decide to destroy all nuclear weapons

•Covid-19 finally routed out. Both preventative vaccines and treatments are available to everyone.

•Trump loses elections

•BoJo forced to resign

•Racism declared a punishable offense ( though I think it already is in some countries)

Just a few of the things that I wish would come true.

2. What advice would you like to give to your ten-year-old self?

•Be careful of those knees. And do NOT play cricket in an uneven field.

(That’s how I got my first knee injury)

•Dont listen to others, listen to your heart

•Enjoy childhood as it IS the best time of your life

3. What song always makes you smile?

A few but Happy by Pharrell Williams is always a winner.

4. What television programme would you love to see back on the airwaves?

Gilmore Girls.

They did a reboot but it was no good. I loved the original series.

5. Have you ever played a practical joke on someone?

I have tried but I am very bad at lying and pranking so it never happened.


Questions from Di;


1.  What is your first childhood memory?

Ah, childhood was a long time ago but I think my first memory was when my younger brother was a baby. We are 18 months apart and I remember that I and my older brother were very fascinated by the baby.

2.  If you drive, what was your first car?

I do drive and my first car was a Toyota.

3.  Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods?

Savory, and that’s a good thing because if I loved sweets as much as I love carbs, I would be twice my weight.

4.  Before the lockdown, were you comfortable in a crowd?

I was, now I avoid crowds and move to the other side of the road when I see too many people or kids.

5.  Are you a night or day person?

A day person. Though not an early bird most days. But I enjoy getting up at my regular time even on the weekends and following my routine.

6.  Favourite past time?

It used to be reading. Now blogging. And I don’t have time left over after blogging to read books.

Listening to music is my other favorite thing to do.

7.  What makes you laugh?

A good joke. I don’t find physical comedy very funny but obviously, there are exceptions.

8.  What makes you cry?

Anything emotional. Someone winning or losing a happy ending, or a sad ending. Quite easy for tears to well over and spill

9.  Compared to your school days, are you more or less creative now?

In my school days, I used to make a lot of things like cards, beaded bangles, jewelry, knitted caps, and scarves. Now I just write. I guess that is being creative too.

10. What is you pet hate/peeve?

Entitled people doing as they please.

People being rude, unfair, or unkind.

11. What kind of blogs interest you enough to follow?

Any blog that resonates with the way I think. It could be informative, entertaining, or funny.

Kristian and Fi have invited anyone who is interested to have a go at these questions.

So why not give it a try!


13 thoughts on “Some Questions from Kristian and Di

        1. So you guys are safe. I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine who is a GP working in London and she was telling me how bad things are vis a vis the pandemic. Stay away from crowds.


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