Daily Prompts- Poetry

Thousands of thoughts swirl in my brain

Disturbing the restful frame of my mind

They demand that I put them on paper succinctly

Rhyming and rhythmic like a river‘s flow

Well-loved words creating verses unusual and enticing

As I gaze to the horizon, I dream of verdant greens and cerulean bays

And start to craft lines that portray the beauty

That my thoughts evoke in my mind and want me to convey

Once my imagination is clad in the garb of words

No one will be able to abolish it without glancing over

In response to the following prompts;




Restful, Unusual, Loved




Cerulean bay

Word of the day challenge;








22 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Poetry

      1. my pleasure Sadje. I am doing well, things are getting back to normal here. Spent a lovely Saturday with my mum and brother. Hope you are well too dear friend.

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