Lynn’s Tuesday Picture Prompt # 1

Glen has started this new feature on his blog. Every Tuesday he will post a photo from his wife, Lynn’s collection as a prompt.

The creative goal for all of us is “what does the picture evoke in you; what emotion; feeling; memory or whatever it may be – what does it arouse in you and to share it that with others.

As a bit of background, this was taken last summer at the Halifax Public Gardens, located ironically in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

These are actually spot lights used to illuminate Griffin’s Pond at the Public Gardens in the evening. They are located in the wall of a faux-cottage(pumphouse for the pond). They are a challenge to notice as they are made to look like little portholes in the faux-cottage(pumphouse)

A few points to help along the way:

  • write a post on your own blog and create a pingback to link back to the original post(this one)
  • I’ll reblog your responses on my own blog when I get the notification
  • write an original story; perhaps your own thoughts; maybe some poetry or even a simply one word response. Maybe even post that says “it does nothing; means nothing”
  • regardless, whatever you write must encapsulate the emotion or feeling evoked or aroused in you from the picture
  • no limit on the length(I guess)
  • keep it a “family friendly” as possible(not looking to delete or not approve stuff)


Stephenie was intrigued by the contraption placed near the lake.

Hey sweetie, do you know what is this? She asked her husband Charles.

I think it’s an old washer dumped by someone, and I think it is outrageous for some no-good person to dump their old washer here in this beautiful place, he said.

I think we should complain about it. It’s totally ruining the beauty of this lake. Oh! I have a better idea, I’ll put it on insta. Let others know that it’s not cool to do such stuff!

With that, Steph took a few shots of the offending article and posted it on her Instagram account, writing how this outrage is happening at a public park.

The responses weren’t what she was expecting. Many ridiculed her for her ignorance.

These were artistically designed lighting for the lake.

Advice; please double-check facts before you sit in judgment!


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