An Angel and the Devil in Disguise #whatdoyousee

First in this week;
A fascinating take by Michnavs on the Prompt


she told of a tale
in a far away castle
’bout a damsel, in distress
how she loved him,
fell for his demons first
and vowed to forever
love ’till eternity
but he was his own devil
she gave him reasons
to wanna have halo
instead of a horn
he made her
want to see heaven
instead of hell
and oh,
how she affects his soul
she love him unconditionally
and washed away the blood
of evil on him
her voice was soothing
more tempting than
a million passionate kisses
and her touch was softer than
a light feathered cotton
he could walk through out of hell
and be the angel
he so long have desired
will good prevail
or will love ever
be greater
than any evil
there is

such was her story
’bout an angel and
a devil in disguise
in a far away land
where no man

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