What’s Your Story Then # 17

Rory is the creator of this game.

Writing Prompt Game

Word Story

What’s Your Story Then?

Word Story is simplicity itself … with a twist!

Below are 9 assorted letters – your creative role is to make words from those jumbled letters and insert them into a tale of no more than 200 words total on a provided topic … it really is that simple!


Topic; Foggy bottom


Bye, eons, buns, bones, sun, bin, nab, snob, beans, yes, no, you, onus, yen, in, on, son,


This is a story of foggy bottom or a soggy bottom

Eons ago when the sun was young

I had a yen to make some buns

I didn’t have any idea how to go about the task

So I asked my son for some advice

He said no, he had no inkling either

So the idea went into the bin

Then I felt in my bones that the time was right

To make a pie with lots of apples and spice

By the time the crust was baked with beans in it

The desire to continue had left me altogether

So I said bye to the kitchen putting the onus

Of procuring something delicious to eat

On the shoulders of my unsuspecting spouse

He was no snob and said yes instantly

For you, he said I will nab the tastiest treat

Just say the word and it will be yours

So not soggy bottom pie was made

And I haven’t the remotest idea

What a foggy bottom might be!





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