We all bleed red! Friday Flashback

I am sharing this poem from 17 June last year. It is a part of Fandango Friday Flashback.

Though this is a year old, it is more then ever relevant.

The mists of mistrust must be scattered 

By the breeze of faith and certainly 

The concept of equality needs the support 

Of a collective effort from us all here

Until we can sustain the mankind’s dream

Of living harmoniously and in synchronicity

Our existence is always at risk from those

Who think with a closed mind and narrow heart

Open those eyes and see beyond the surface

You will find that we all bleed red when cut open

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Inspired by CalmKate’s poem, A fair go! You can read it here

14 thoughts on “We all bleed red! Friday Flashback

  1. thanks so much Sadje, our world may have the spotlight on this issue just now but I’m doubtful real changes will be made … it’s appalling! Thanks for adding your voice … any idea how we can do more?

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