Reena Exploration Challenge # 140 – Gaining Freedom

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back to the Exploration Challenge!


The theme for this week is


Going by the dictionary, it is

“a holiday celebrated on 19 June to commemorate the emancipation of enslaved people in the US.”

I would take it ahead to celebrate emancipation or liberation of any kind – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 


Cut the chain and set me free

Lift the bonds of servitude imposed

For centuries I have been humbled

Held in captivity and used, abused

You think I am not your equal

Not fit to sit on the same table as you

You still segregate if only in your minds

Call me black or brown with distrust in your heart

My character blackened for many many years

Bear the fruit of the label I today reluctantly wear

I may appear free but invisible chains

Still bind my progress in this so-called fair world

Cut my chains and set me free

For real

It is time



17 thoughts on “Reena Exploration Challenge # 140 – Gaining Freedom

    1. I didn’t know about this day or it’s significance but I totally understand the tyranny which the people have suffered even when “slaves” were set free.


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