Wordle #194

Word Art (9)

1. Wet✔️
2. Downfall✔️
3. Beautiful✔️
4. Smell✔️
5. Girl✔️
6. Wash✔️
7. Resilient✔️
8. Stridulate- to produce a shrill, grating sound, as a cricket does, by rubbing together certain parts of the body; shrill.✔️
9. Virtue✔️
10. Informal✔️
11. Attach✔️
12. Backwards✔️


The door of the carriage opened, making a stridulate sound. Josh was rudely shocked out of his daydreams when a wet washcloth struck his head. He looked backwards and saw a girl with a beautiful baby in her arms. The washcloth was dangling from a fat little hand and there was a smell in the air that he couldn’t recognize. He grabbed his bag and got down from the carriage. But his mind was preoccupied and that caused him to misstep and caused his downfall. He got a bruised knee but since he was a resilient guy, he dusted himself up and moved on. The girl was right behind him and their informal introduction through the washcloth gave her an excuse to attach herself to him as she was new and didn’t know her way. Gallantry was a virtue that was drummed into Josh since he was a young man and he gladly showed her the way to the hostel she was headed to.

And thus started a beautiful relationship between the two!




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MLMM- Wordle # 194

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