Sunday Writing Prompt “Guardian”

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Taking a deep breath, the dwarf opened his mouth wide and started to dig the tunnel, eating the dirt at a great speed and tunneling deep. He was soon hitting the other side of the moat. Now to woo or trick the guardian into believing that he was the good guy. He gingerly approached the one-eyed giant snoring at the castle gate.

“Who goes there? “Said the giant as he smelled the dwarf.

“It is I, the keeper of treasure trove”, said Hookum in his best good guy voice.

“Keeper of treasure trove? I don’t know of any such character” said the giant suspiciously.

“I was appointed by the new king to guard the royal treasure. I just need the key to the gate so I can do my job”

As everyone knows that giants, especially the one-eyed ones are a bit simple-minded so the giant took Hookum at his word and handed the key to him.

The next morning the giant was fired with disgrace from his job. The dwarf had made away with most of the royal treasure.

The guardian was hoodwinked so easily. The king needed to find someone smarter to be the guardian!




For this week’s prompt we are going fantasy. Generally we write from the perspective of the hero, the villain, or the damsel in distress but for this week’s prompt I want you to write from the perspective of a “guardian”. Generally heroes on quests go traipsing into places where they are not welcome and take various items with which to complete or fund their quests. Occasionally the guardian is willing to part with an item once they have tested the heroes credentials/integrity but sometimes the hero pulls a smash and grab. Your guardian can be nobel, helpful, sage-like, they can be greedy, vindictive, and cruel, you could even go with a comedic perspective (ex: the guardian perceives the hero as a thief and reports them to local authorities for robbery). The choice is yours!

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Sunday Writing Prompt-Guardian

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