Why words matter- Sunday thoughts!

Do we realize that humans are the only species in this world who use words, both spoken and written to express ourselves?

If used kindly they can change the other person’s day or even life. But if used unkindly or thoughtlessly, they can easily ruin a day or a relationship forever.

A kind word, a little cheery hi, thoughtful praise, they act as a tonic on our fellow human.

Why then we keep silent?

Why not use words to tell others our thoughts. We can use our gift of gab to express our emotions and even when something or someone is causing us grief, we still can use our words in a way to explain our issues, still keeping them kind and reasonable.

It is not difficult!

Try it next time you feel happy or obliged about something, say it. Or if you feel unhappy or uncomfortable about something someone did, say it with kind words.

Don’t expect others to guess what you are feeling. And err on the side of generosity. It really doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

What are your thoughts and experiences?

Please do Share!


31 thoughts on “Why words matter- Sunday thoughts!

  1. my dog says “:ham”…clearly. I mean, he enunciates the word Ham…….always when he is hungry. I’m pretty sure he is actually an alien life form and just LOOKS like a dog.

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  2. I still aim to make at least one person smile every day. My dad always told me if you don’t have a kind word to say about someone, keep quiet. Sometimes though the words come out wrong despite my best intentions.

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  3. I absolutely agree! One thing I always do is smile (even behind my mask, now) and say hello to the homeless people. We have far too many and since I live near businesses and a parking lot where they hang out, I see them often.

    Mental illness, addiction or just bad luck doesnt make them any less human or deserving of acknowledgement and respect and decency than me or anyone else.

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  4. Sadje, these are wise words.
    I think interacting is one of the biggest things I miss about being retired from teaching 160+ students a day. No matter what was going on in my life, I had wonderful interactions with my students every day. The good mornings, thanks for the lesson, nice to see you, good afternoon, thanks for tha paper, thanks for the fun lab, thanks for teaching me something new, goodbye and have a good day, etc. all lifted my spirits.
    I always laughed when they would say thank you when I handed them a test. I would usually bow and tell them it was my pleasure. That meant more and more would follow suit.
    I miss passing out encouraging words on a massive scale every day. I miss the kids.
    Right now I miss talking to people “in person” but safety is important.

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  5. Kindness costs nothing but can have such positive effect on others, and ultimately, on ourselves as well. There’s a quote that goes something like, “joy is like perfume, you cannot spill it on others without getting some on your self” or words to that meaning. I always liked that idea. Great thoughts, Sadje, important thoughts, too.

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  6. Great post Sadje! I completely agree that kindness, empathy and sharing are the only things that help in distress besides your faith. Today a superstar Bollywood actor” Sushant Singh Rajput” committed suicide and It’s all over the media. It’s quoted that he was suffering from depression since last 6 months. If only he would have shared and sought help, his precious life could have been saved! Words matter- spoken to or spoken with!!

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    1. Thanks Daisy. I have read of this tragic loss of life on other blogs too. It’s true that if we share thoughts and troubling issues, the chances of someone helping us increase a lot.

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  7. being kind and empathetic costs nothing – just like choosing to smile. But I think we as humans have so much of ego in us that prevents us from being our trueselves.

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