Some Questions from Melanie and my Answers!

Melanie was gifted with an award and has asked these questions from anyone who wants to answer!

Melanie’s Seven Questions For Anyone Interested In “Playing”:

Blue skies with lots of sun or overcast with lots of rain?

In winter, I like blue skies and lots of sun. In summers, cloudy skies, light rain, and a pleasant breeze.

What’s your favorite toy (the thing you use to pass the time when you have some to spare).

According to my family, my phone. It is my biggest source of amusement as I blog on it and play games on it too.

Watermelon?  Yay or nay?

Yay! Just slice it neatly for me, please!

Do you like barbecue?   The American way or just in general?

I love barbecue!

Any way is good. Once I had grilled cottage cheese and it was amazing! Chicken or fish grilled is yummy too.

What’s the best remedy for indigestion?


And if it comes with heartburn take light tea and plain biscuits. Don’t eat anything spicy or heavy on digestion.

Where would you go if money were no object and C-19 didn’t scare sensible people away from traveling?

After reading so many wonderful posts about Switzerland from Gary, I think I will travel there. And from what I hear, they are over Covid-19 by now.

Do you find questions fun or invasive?

I usually love answering questions. Unless they are too personal. But I have found a way to deal with those too. Just omit the too intrusive bits or give a lighthearted answer.


Are you game enough to answer these questions from Melanie?


18 thoughts on “Some Questions from Melanie and my Answers!

  1. Thanks for the nod Sadje! 😀 I’m glad you found those questions intriguing! Switzerland? O_o Too cold for me personally, but could you bring back some chocolate for me? Now that stuff? Amazing (and grilled cottage cheese sort of boggles my mind.). I think it would be yummy, but I’m wondering how the griller kept it from oozing all over the place. Was there some kind of pastry or breading that they put it in?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome Melanie!
      I would bring loads of chocolate as I too love it.
      I had grilled paneer, the Indian cottage cheese and it in solid cubes! It was grilled Indian style and tasted absolutely fabulous.


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