Tale Weaver – #279 – Protest – June 11th

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver


This week our topic is ‘Protest’. We have seen a lot on our news services about protests in the past few weeks.

What is your take on it?

Have you been involved in a protest?

Were you a part of a recent protest?

Write a story reflecting your response to this prompt.


If you are born in privilege, you can never understand the need to protest

Unless you step into the shoes of those who are living lives

Crushed by the burden they carry of being considered unequal

Of being looked down on and of the constant slurs cast on them

Then you might get an inkling of their lot in this lopsided world

That has been created by those with privilege for their pleasure

What good is a protest you ask without seeing into the eyes of victims

How does it solve the problems, is your unsympathetic response

I will tell you the reason they are standing in blazing sun or in pouring rain

They want you to see them and see the pain in their tear-drenched eyes

They want to wake your soul from its apathetic slumber

Wake up and look

See and feel the injustice

Stand with them and protest with them




18 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #279 – Protest – June 11th

  1. I read somewhere that we MUST take a stand, that oppressors are counting on our silence (that’s not a quote, but its the gist of it). You have so emphatically and beautifully written the reasons why we must raise our voices. Thank you.

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