Daily Prompts- Who are you?

People have different personas for different aspects of their lives. We may know someone as a responsible and dedicated colleague, but at home, they may be an abusive person.

Or a kind uncle that we look up to could turn out to be a bully in his working environment. The parts people play in life change from relationships to relationships and person to person. How we perceive them is how their behavior is relative to us. We see just one facet of their personality. We usually possess an instinct that tells us if they are good or bad. But some people can alienate us when they badly react to a situation, earning them the title of being “not a good person”, which may not be true for their overall personality. So how to know a person, completely?

I think that it’s not really possible to know a person completely but what we can do and should do is to reserve judgment till we have seen them in more than one sphere of their lives. It won’t be good judgment call when we give a person a bad label and looking backward, we find out how mistaken we were.

The moral of this post;

Don’t judge people before you know them!

In response to the following prompts;




Look, Instinct, Relative





Word of the day challenge;








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