Blogging Insights- Your Reading Habits

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights


How often do you visit the WordPress reader?

Daily! As I have mentioned previously that I blog solely on my phone. When I open my WordPress app, I get notifications of new posts from the bloggers that I follow. But not from all of them. I get notifications from the blogs that I interact most with. After I am done reading these posts, time permitting, I would visit the reader and read all the other posts there.

What kind of blog posts are you more likely to read?

I like to read all sorts of posts. Poems, stories, political commentary, and informative posts. I like posts that make me think and inspire me. Very long posts are usually deferred until I have more time to catch up with them.

I very faithfully read all the posts of the bloggers who are a part of my blogging family. These are given priority over others. But I like variety so I read most posts.




27 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Your Reading Habits

  1. I’ve started visiting the reader and discover daily.
    I check through discover and read posts from blogs I follow.
    I comment and read through comments and engage.
    I’ve found this to be helpful with my own writing as well as enlightening.

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  2. What a lovely way of doing things! Time is the most pressing factor in my lack of reading more posts, because physically some days I just can’t do it. But others? I could read more. I, like you, read the posts of my blogging family (what great imagery!) the most studiously! 🙂

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  3. I only follow a few blogs, the ones I make time to read every day. If there’s ever any extra time🤣🤣🤣🤣 I read other blogs that I know about but don’t “follow”. I’d feel guilty skipping past🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve found some great blog & bloggers through my “regulars” too. And every once in a while I’ll check out the “discover”… not since March 13 though😱😂🤗🥰

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