My Brand New Gray BMW

First in this week, an exciting poem from Michnavs.


If i could dream a dream
it would be a magical realm
a place over the 9th cloud,
connected to earth
by a rainbow
it’s pure magic;
I feel it in my soul
as much as my eyes
can see
a valley of green
luscious infinite horizon
where the adorable
is my sleek
brand new gray BMW
taking me to all the fairy land
and underground magic
where humans
and fairies,
goblins, elves,
trolls, witches,
giants, and talking animals
live in perfect harmony
with love
and great respect
with humility
and understanding

if only i could dream a dream

P. S

A little something to make everyone smile amidst the current pandemic. We should never stop dreaming nor stop hoping.
Together let’s dream, hope and pray.

This too will end.


Image credit – Pixabay ; DianaZG

(For visual challenged readers, the image shown a boy standing next to…

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8 thoughts on “My Brand New Gray BMW

  1. This piece brought a huge smile to my face when I read it earlier today, Mich. I don’t know what happened to my original ‘like’ and comment, but my laptop seems to be day-dreaming today 😉

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