Daily Prompts- Don’t Grieve

Don’t grieve for the day that is done

There is no way you can bring it back

Don’t give up laughing till your belly aches

For there is no pleasure equal to this

Rally your emotions to the sunny side

For it is true that you are their master

It’s a task that falls into the doable

You just have to guard against pessimism

Make today the landmark day when

You will stop Lamenting for all that’s happened

And go forward with a will to make

The best of life and enjoy its every treasure

In response to the following prompts;




Sunny, Task, Guard





Word of the day challenge;








47 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Don’t Grieve

  1. Absolutely right that nothing can change your past. But lemme add this too”don’t flee away from your emotions, but feel it to the core”..sometimes you know, it’s tough to move on with grief (though people say the same), but of course we can move forward with grief. It will never be an opposing force to the smiles you experience in the same breath..

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