Tagged- Ten of my Favorite feeling!

Saumya has tagged me for this challenge!

The tag is the brainchild of Xandria.

The Rules
List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

10 of my favourite feelings

• Feeling at peace;

With myself, the world and universe at large. This feeling comes to me when my world is going as I want it to.

Feeling love;

Love of my family, friends, and the affection of my blogging family.

Feeling good after a satisfying meal;

When my tummy is full of good food and there are no distressing hunger pangs to disturb my equilibrium.

Cool breeze on a summer day;

I love the feel of the cool invigorating breeze on my face or on my back, propelling me forward when I go for my daily walk.

Good Music;

Music to match my mood. When I am pensive, it helps me think deep thoughts about my life, and when I am happy it brings buoyancy to my step.


They may be natural, emitted by flowers, or come from a bottle of my favorite perfume. It really is one of my guilty pleasures to buy at least one of my favorite perfumes on my birthday and use it daily.


My love of reading is one of my earliest passions. I have read books on every genre and I try to find time to read even with my hectic blogging schedule. There are a few books that I can read again and again.

Getting up in the morning;

Ah, to be alive and well and face a brand new day with a sense of anticipation! It’s my favorite time of the day!

Relaxing in my comfy PJs;

When the day ends and I have had my evening walk, I like nothing better than to relax in my comfy clothes and read my blog. It’s my second favorite time of the day.

Feeling good after being good;

As they say, being good is its own reward. I feel that this is absolutely true. The feeling you get after you’ve helped someone or did some good deed, it is priceless.

So here are my 10 best feelings. What about you?

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47 thoughts on “Tagged- Ten of my Favorite feeling!

  1. That’s a good list. “Relaxing in my comfy PJs” is there on my list too. These days, my PJs have been doing all the three shifts in the day. 😀 😛

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