Crimson Creative Challenge # 82-

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge


John dragged Tom with him to the abandoned house. Tom wasn’t brave. At five he wasn’t expected to be brave. And was no fan of going into dark abandoned houses, even if his brother was with him. And to be honest he hadn’t much faith in John’s ability to act the brave older brother he was.

John thought himself a hero. At eight, he had the cape crusader firmly fixed into his head as a role model. So he took his little brother and went to the house at the end of the street. The mission was to rescue the batch of kittens that he has seen there.

When they entered the shed, where the kittens should have been, waiting to be rescued, they found it dark and empty. A musty smell and dusty junk were all that they could see. Picking up his courage, John went a few steps into the old shed when they were startled by a loud booming voice.

“Who’s there?”

John tried answering but no sound came out of his mouth. While Tom started to run out of the shed. A man came out of the shadows and grabbed his arm. Slowly he turned around to see old Mr Jackson staring at them.

There parents weren’t happy to learn that the boys were trespassing. John was grounded for a week and Tom was let off with a stern warning!

( Word count is slightly over 200! 😛)




12 thoughts on “Crimson Creative Challenge # 82-

  1. Good story! It’s odd, you always see kids on TV or in the movies afraid of one of the houses in the neighborhood… we never had a spooky houses around where we walked or road our bikes. Did you?

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