Riddikky- Game 6

Rory is the host of Riddikky……

Season 2 – Game 6

Just 5 questions …..

Do you believe in ‘love at first sight?’

Nopes. It could be lust, attraction or chemistry. But love is a deeper emotion and it takes some time to develop.

However there is an exception;

When you see your child for that very first time, it IS love at first sight.

Cake, Dessert or ice cream and if not, why not and if so which one and why?

A nice dessert. Which should be low on calories and high on yumminess and taste. It should satisfy my craving for a sweet bite but SHOULDN’T add to my weight.

If you were to dance to music when no one was looking to judge or criticise or laugh what music would you listen to?

All those groovy tunes from my teenage years.

Like this one;


Could you spend the night in the property on 108 Ocean Avenue formerly numbered as 112 Ocean Avenue aka The Amityville Horror House or any property in which there has been a significant and profound event or even a reputedly haunted house or would it simply not bother you?

For starters, I really don’t believe in ghosts. But there are other beings that we, humans don’t know anything about. So…..

I would not agree to spend any time in such a place. Not for love or money!

Have you ever had your palm read, your tarot done or any other alternative prediction rituals performed?

While in med school, we had a girl in our dorm who would read palms. She offered to read mine but I refused.

The reason is simple;

Even if she could tell me what happens in my future, she nor anyone else cannot change it. So why would I want to know it?

So no, I am not a fan or believer!





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