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Game #2 – June 2020

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How spontaneous are you?

I would say that I am more impulsive than spontaneous. I do things on a whim, often to regret them later.

How flirtatious would you say you are and if that is not the word you would use then try the alternatives of ‘teasing or playful’ either way – how much are you of this?

I would never describe myself as flirtatious. Neither teasing or anything of that nature. I can be “innocently ” playful but never anything more with anyone other than my husband!

How serious are you as a person?

Though I am naturally an optimistic person and like to be happy and smiling most of the time, by nature I think I am a serious person. I take life seriously most of the time.

Do you think the older we become certain emotions are easier to handle – say as an example ‘grief?’

Yes, definitely it’s true for me. I think our life experiences teach us to be more accepting of whatever comes our way. But not all people react like that. For some age brings fragility of emotions and they break down easily when overwhelmed.

What is the most adventurous thing you have done to date?

I took a ride, my first and last one in a chair lift. The getting down was a nightmare, never to be undertaken again. Ever! I swore off them after that!

What’s the craziest or riskiest thing you have ever done and simply got away with it or gotten caught doing it?

What me????

Crazy or risky thing?

Never! 😛

What do you think the future is of dating and other ‘other’ now that social distancing has become part of your life? Will your life ‘up close and personal’ with people now be different?

This doesn’t apply to me as I am happily married. For others, I think they will have to balance the risks and advantages and then decide.

How different do you really think you are to the next person – are you prim and proper, or straight-laced and serious, wild and abandoned or rebellious and controversial?

We are different from each other, aren’t we?

I am a bit rebellious, a bit prim and proper, a bit serious and a bit funny!

During this time of global concern how has your thinking changed with regards the planet, conservation, climate issues …..or has it not changed one little bit?

I was always an advocate for global preservation. Now I am more than ever convinced that humans who are harming the environment, can also save it by being more conscious. We just need to see how much things have changed environmentally by the forced incarceration of human beings!

What ‘topical issues’ considered ‘taboo’ by society are you deeply passionate with and about to the point of doing something about it?

I am more of a concerned type than deeply passionate! And my concerns are both taboo and non-taboo topics.

I would ask people to speak up about domestic abuse, mental health, and violence.

What’s more important and or is there a difference between ‘Friendship and Companionship and if so what is that difference?

I think in a relationship, we start with love and end with companionship and friendship. Both phases are important and both make for a lasting relationship.

What is your passion with regards writing genres – 1] what is your chosen genre and 2] what is the genre you might like to write about but lack confidence to start?

I think I have written almost all sorts of posts. I find that fiction is not my strength. Poems are more my thing but poetry for the sake of poetry is not for me. For me, a post either poetry or prose should have a message embedded in it.

I would like to write humor but somehow, I lack the ability to do so. It would be fun to make people smile!



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