Living our best life- Regret

Wendi asks us different questions each week relating to living our best lives.

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Thinking about regrets, it is my guess that every person on this Earth could verbalize at least one thing they wished they had or had not done.  It is also my belief that having regrets in life is just part of being human.  We live, we learn, and if we never had a regret then I am not sure we would be truly living and/or learning.  We make the very best decision we can at the time and hope and pray for the best.

Now we know we can’t go back to re-create our past, but we can think about our future selves. 

So my question for you today is, “What is something you will regret if you do not complete/accomplish/do in your lifetime?”


I really don’t believe that we should live our lives in regret. That past has gone by. What is done is done. To move forward towards tomorrow is the order of the day.

So this is a really important question;

What I would regret if I didn’t complete or accomplish today?

This brings to mind a lot of plans, a lot of future decisions that I need to implement before it’s too late.

I don’t have the lofty ambitions to change the world or be a hero. In my humble way I would be happy if I could;

• For me, leaving a legacy of good deeds behind me is very important.

• I would like to leave this world a better place than I found it, albeit in however a small way.

• I would like to help more people with their problems.

• To be there for my family and friends and to live my life in a way that has a positive impact on those around me.

• To be a positive influence for good. It would mean that not only my own deeds are good but I would want to be an example of how to live in a positive and optimistic way so that I can inspire others.

People often say that after we die, we live in our kids. They act or follow in our footsteps in making their choices and life decisions. I would definitely like to leave a good example for them to live their lives by.

My wishes are small. But important for me.

What would you like to accomplish in life?



16 thoughts on “Living our best life- Regret

  1. Autocorrect got you…
    “…leaving a legacy of good dead’s…” I’m sure you don’t mean to leave dead bodies🤣🤣🤣 (it made me laugh)

    I agree with you about leaving the world or my small part of it better than I found it.💃🏼🐞🌻🦋🌸💖

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  2. wow! what an absolutely beautiful response! 🙂 I would regret not raising 4 children who will make the world a much better place.
    I do have regrets in life, but I can’t go back and change them. But, as of this moment, my illness gets in the way of acheiving goals and I hope I will be able to reach them sometime in the future! 🙂
    Thanks for writing this post and allowing us to read your beautiful comments.

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  3. The main things I would like to accomplish in life… leave my daughter with many HAPPY memories. Pursue my dream of a photography/poetry book, and travel some. I know they are far fetched ideas, but I think I may be able to pull them off.

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