Was it a good year?

The very inquisitive Rory has asked;

Who were you and where were you for those ages – ages – 17, 21 and 35 – do you remember? 

what were the years? Have you changed significantly from the person you were at 17 to the person you were at 35 and were they indeed ‘very good years?’

The bonus question should you wish to answer it is this …. answer the same questions for the ages of 25, 45 and 55. Alternatively looking at the six ages 17, 21, 25, 35, 45 and 55 – have you changed profoundly from the core of who you were at the beginning of the Life journey?’


This is a test of my memory;

Do I remember when I was;


I was just finishing school. Not very confident or sure of myself. I knew that my aim in life was to go to med school and was studying towards it. At this time of my life, I was an extra sensitive teenager, taking on too much stress and always a nervous wreck.


In Med school. With a few like-minded friends having a whale of a time. Studying hard and having lots of crazy fun. Lots of laughs and lots of pranks. In fact, we were known as giggling girls in our dorm. Though I still was very prone to stress, but being away from home, and with great friends, it helped me a lot to talk to them and share my feelings.


I was a mom to a one-year-old daughter and was enjoying both the stress and the joys of a new parent. Managing home, motherhood, and finances of my own home was a twofold task. The tension of making the wrong choice and happiness at being able to do it on my own. It helped a lot to have the support from my husband. And the guidance I got from my father. Happy days, all in all.


This is a phase of which I don’t remember much. Unknown to me, I was developing full-fledged hypothyroidism and it made me lose big chunks of my memory. I would gain weight rapidly and lose it quickly ( the condition I had is called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). With this yo-yo in weight, I also had other health issues. But not an unhappy or bad time as such. It’s just not that clear in my mind.


I started to get more confident. More sure of myself and was getting less concerned about the opinions of others. After turning 40, I had realized that I need not conform to what others expect of me and do my own thing. This gradually improved my own self-worth and I became less prone to stress-related health issues.


After bi-lateral knee replacements, I have entered a new, and healthier phase of my life. I am looking after myself more, walking more, and eating better. An overall improved me, in fact.


This is now. I am grandma to three adorable grandkids. A ten-year-old and two 13 months old babies. Wow! A wonderful place to be in.

Thank God for all the blessings that I have received in my life. I thank the trials in my life too because they have taught me much. All that has lead to the present is a result of what has happened in the past.

What about you, do you recall how it was, good or not?



12 thoughts on “Was it a good year?

      1. The beauty is indeed looking back and appreciating the journey – the beauty is seeing and reading that you did and you have – The beauty is where you are now and being in love with your life as you are – there’s the beauty 🙂

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