This Sunday morning- Remember the good.

The last Sunday of May is here! Here are some thoughts that I would like to share with you all.

Many times we are disappointed with others, our friends and family members, because of something they said, didn’t say, did or didn’t do.

At times like these we feel let down and rather sad.

We need to remember what good they have done in the past. The judgemental side of our personality just jumps in and makes quick decisions. And we are prone to forget all the wonderful and helpful things they did in the past four us.

There are phrases like;

“You never”


“You always”

Echoing in our minds if not on our tongues.

At times like these, take a deep breath and……..


•Take a look at the situation dispassionately and think cooly.

•Are things really that bad that we should feel upset over them or get angry?

•Is the other person solely to be blamed or do we share some of the responsibility?

•Did we make our expectations too high or unreasonable?

•Are we clear in making our own views and expectations clear to others?

After pondering upon these questions, do try to be reasonable in your response. If you are going to verbalize your feelings, be gentle and straight forward.

•Do not use a whining tone.

•Do not use accusations.

•Don’t use, always, or never in your conversation.

•Use, us, me instead of you.

•It’s better to take time to put your feelings in a calmer state before starting a conversation.

•And do talk!

It is better that you let others know what you’d like, and how you want to be treated, instead of feeling that they should know automatically without you telling them.

This is where we can be sure to make future interactions better and more congenial to both parties.

And most importantly, take the whole picture into consideration, not an isolated incident.

Have a great Sunday!

Has this post rung any bells for you?

I would love to hear your views on this issue.


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