Daily Prompts- You better resign

You should resign right now

You have no knack of leadership

You’ve made a royal mess of things

Don’t digress from the point and admit

That instead of using the advice and criticism

You’ve let it slide off you like water off a duck

You wanted to assure you have a long tenure

But it’s time to say goodbye and go home

It will be snowing in hell when you’ll get

My vote to run for another term in office

In response to the following prompts;




Snow, Assure, Long





Word of the day challenge;








37 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- You better resign

  1. It breaks my heart that such a great nation is being brought to its knees in many ways by one who has no thought for the people of America. May God bless your country and send leadership that will provide safety and assurance through these difficult days for all Americans.

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      1. As the other commentator said “good use of prompts” overall very well written, true artist you are for sure, I guess you don´t like Trump or I call him Trumpy the turmp, sounds better between friends. Anyways the point being it is Friday night, whe have to stay in home, so it was a very pleasent read regardless of the politics, hope I one day master the writing at least a bit. You do give me knowledge by reading you… If not I would be out in some place doing a lot but not writing, so a great moment to learn from your way of writing. Appreciate it.

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  2. YES, Sadje!! Tell it!! Not only a wonderful use of prompts (like the universe put it there for this exact purpose) but a well stated sentiment that I hope many other Americans feel especially around November.

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