Riddikky # 5

Rory is the host of Riddikky

Season 2 – Game 5

5 questions …..

What puts or could put the bounce in your day?

I love being in charge of my day. When things are going according to my timetable, I am relaxed. A good walk early on, some quality blogging time,( where I schedule my posts for the next day), and all household chores under control.

And if at the end of this all, I get a bit of free time, it’s an added bonus.

What would you class as a weird question?

This one!

Well, any question that people don’t want to answer can be said to be a weird question.

But some are really weird;

What is the color of your mood?

How can you eat the moon and the sun in one bite?

What is the best way to die?


I can do weird too!

Why did 6 cry?

Because it has a huge belly.

Not because 7 8 ( ate) 9.

I know it for a fact.

List 6 items that would make a shop cashier look wide eyed at you in disbelief and horror?

Six packs of toilet paper.

It is likely that she will ask the store management to arrest me for hoarding.

How would you answer my question of ‘Hey How are you doing today?!” If l deliberately asked you to NOT answer it typically?

I am feeling rosy pink, floating in the ether of forgetfulness and enjoying the upside-down universe.

Is that Not Typical enough?




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