Blogging Insights # 30 – Blog evolution

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Your blog is never static. It is a living and breathing organism that continues to grow as you grow as a blogger. Sometimes this growth takes unexpected directions and you end up with something very different from what you had envisioned.

Credit for today’s question goes to Di of Pensitivity


Has your blog turned out more or less as you expected or totally different?

When I started my blog, I had little idea about the blogging process itself. There was a plan in my mind regarding where I will go with my blog but it was all just in the air.

I had planned to write about the things I knew about. About health, weight loss, different types of diets, and also about the physical and mental health and issues being faced by women over the age of fifty; the empty nesters.

Well as I said, that was the plan. I still write on these topics but I write much more than that. I write poems, short stories and I have started a weekly photo Prompt too.

It seems that my blog has a mind of its own and is growing in the direction of its own choosing.

But it’s a wonderful process of discovery. I am learning and growing as a writer and so is my blog. And this is a fascinating journey. I am grateful for the bloggers who have influenced my writing and taught me a lot by their example.

And I do hope that when people read my blog posts, they are entertained, amused, or inspired by the writing.

I thank all of my friends here who have helped me grow and have supported my blog.




29 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 30 – Blog evolution

  1. Wonderful answer as your life is similar to mine. I’ve been an empty nester for a while though in my 40’s. It was tough and I wished I had picked up blogging long ago. I’m enjoying the process of learning as much as creating the content. You have a great blog! 🙂

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