How did my week go!

Here’s me, using the new editor! To say I am feeling stressed out would not be wrong.

This was a good week weather wise. A few sunny days but not too hot. I’m no fan of blazing sun and rather enjoy the cloudy and breezy weather.

Met this guy on yesterday morning walk.
My grandson’s drawings of his “nano” while blogging.

This took place mid-week. I was “resting” on the couch, blogging and my grandson drew this drawing. He thought I might not like it, but I loved how he drew me and himself! Staring at me while I am oblivious to my surroundings, blogging.

Today is Eid for Muslim all over the world and I’d like to wish a happy and joyful Eid to all of my Muslim readers.

I am quite happy with my first effort with the new editor. Hope it reads and looks okay!

How was your week?


31 thoughts on “How did my week go!

  1. I’m working in the new editor today too. I’ve found a few problems that I’ve had to figure out (how to insert a video) but not as horrible as I feared. It’s not as comfortable as the old editor, but change keeps us flexible, right?🙄😂

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        1. Nopes, I just tried it off the bat. But it take a lot more time than I am willing to spend. So unless I have no other option, I’ll stick with the tried and tested classic editor.


          1. You know how pressed for time I always am. That is why I have not tried the new editor yet.
            Do you think we will be able to continue using the old one.

            Did you use the new one for just one post and can you switch back to the old one now?

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            1. I know, and this one is too time consuming. On my phone app I can. As you know I don’t use the laptop for blogging so I don’t know how to switch to the classic one on that. But I think you can do that

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  2. It looks great! I love the drawing and the photographs too. My week was okay. There was a lot of rain this past week and it was getting to me, but we do need the rain as Western Canada is under a high risk for forest fires again this year.

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  3. your grandson captured human emotion in his drawing, a talented and perceptive little guy. the flowers in your photo were glorious. i too prefer the breezy and cooler weather, it rained all day here yesterday and was a lovely day as we stayed at home and cooked and ate and just well had the nicest day with each other. blessed week ahead Sadje, as you and your country remember your fallen heroes.

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  4. You did well with the block editor. I was thrilled yesterday to have found the categories selection area. Of course I had to pose the question to a forum but still one mystery solved. I absolutely love the drawing!

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