Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 136 – I am always right!

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge.


Anyway, the prompt is to pick up any one line (mention which one have you picked) or gist of the whole piece, if you can make sense of it, and base your piece on it.

Good luck!

Would I care to be right?If life was not finiteIf I’d the luxury of eternityto let it be naturally provedthat I’ve always been right…

beliefs and perspectiveswindowless walls between usblock insights – so much so, thatyou revel in pleasures of darknessbottling and imprisoning light

the beheaded boatsmansinks with the boatmessenger from afarcarrying a crumpled noteAll is not well, all is not right..

But I’d always been rightHe should not have ventured this far…He risked his life for a cause inaneA carrier of ignorance, misguidedBy those who think they’re right


I have taken my inspiration from the overall message of the poem, I am always right!

What a curse my soul has to bear

The burden of knowing more than anyone else

The onus of being the only one with knowledge

One wise head counseling all the others

If they don’t prosper, following my advice

The fault is theirs, never mine

It’s their stupidity that lands them in trouble

Not my sagacious wisdom or suggestions

It is indeed a revelation to me after a lifetime

Of believing that I knew best, that I knew it all

That I was as fallible as any other human

Alas! I was wrong all along to think

That I am always right




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