Daily Prompts- The new editor

(Image from free photo library in response to; Block Editor! 😂)

Now I am in a quandary

Do I try the new block editor or not?

Should I wait a while, till I have no choice?

Or should I just take the plunge and get on with it?

Too many questions in my noggin, vying for attention

Scrap the idea and settle for the tried and tested

That is my instinctive first response

But a niggle, like an incessant pest, is raising its head

Don’t be coward and draw some inspiration

From those brave souls who have done it already

It’s not like you’re planning a heist on Fort Knox

How difficult it would be, if actually tried

Just scribble some ideas and go for it

If that first post on it is rubbish, try it again

Brave souls are those who venture into the unknown

(Not written using the block editor!)

In response to the following prompts;




Scribble, Draw, Scrap





Word of the day Challenge;








64 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- The new editor

  1. I hated the block editor when I tried a while back. We still will have the option of switching back to the classic editor, even after June 1. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing. I’m all for trying new things, but if it sucks, I’m out.

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    1. We still will have the option of switching back to the classic editor, even after June 1

      We will? I seem to have no option, bar some jiggery-pokery, but to use the new block editor now, and it’s not even June 1 yet.

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      1. If you go to your home page, you’ll find tabs, and you can manage your settings there. If I recall, there’s a drop-down menu on the upper right corner of the block editor where you can opt for classic editor as well.

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          1. On mine it’s the “Stats and Insights”. On that page, there are tabs for Stats, Manage, Tools, WP Admin. Each of those have menus within them. I’m there somewhere, you should be able to pick switch to classic editor.

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  2. Will be interesting to see if they allow us to switch back to the old editor after May 31st. I am not going to count on it. Looking for tutorials and videos to learn how to find the things I use on a regular basis as some of those things aren’t easily findable at this point when I tried the new editor earlier today.

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  3. I’m doing my Scarlett O’Hara… “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” 😉😂
    I’ve read conflicting things about whether we’ll be able to use the old one of not. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll cross that bridge when they push me onto it😉🤣🤣

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  4. Perfect words 😉
    I did the change yesterday and I’m still struggling with my first post with the new editor…is not so difficult as I’ve expected, is not easy either but it has lots of features 🤪 just need to learn them 🤪

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  5. I shan’t be using block editor, as I expressed on my blog recently, aftrr finding out about it. So when it’s forced on us I will use the classic editor that WordPress said we can still use from then.
    They ever get rid of it in the future that I am forced to use the other, than I shall disappear. I can’t use it. It’s too busy visually for me.

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  6. Once you switch… so I have heard you will not be allowed to switch back. I say “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it”.
    And I will resist with my every breath. It is not a matter of trying something new. It is sticking firmly with something I am familiar with and know how to operate.

    WP tried a switch (different) a few years ago. Left too much spaces between the lines. I didn’t like it at all – I ended up scrounging around and found info on how to get back to where I was – and got there. And I’m not budging.

    I’m an old fart who knows change happens… doesn’t mean I have to like it or follow the masses.


      1. Or the other alternative if you want to try it is to just set up a second blog that you can delete if you don’t like it…

        At one point I had three (maybe four WP) blogs. I use one of the older ones for everything now… so I do not want to switch. I am used to how I do things working out of the dashboard….

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                1. I think it would. My peeve with a laptop is the absence of auto formatting that I find on WP. It hampers the flow of my ideas, having to stop and do the corrections. If you’re used to typing on word, it will be a breeze for you.


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