Daily Prompts- The forgotten memory & Tale Weaver- Books

Tale Weaver – #276 – Books -21st May


Michael is the host of Tale Weaver;

This week the topic for the Tale Weaver is ‘BOOKS’.


Classic blues played in the background

She stared at her book in an effort to remember

She had a lot of skill in suppressing her feelings

But a forgotten memory was rising from the past

That day in the market when she had seen it the first time

She was on a field trip with her classmates

When they spotted the old book store on the corner

In they trooped, touched all the titles at the display

Fumbled, dropped and messed up the arrangement

But the storekeeper never said a harsh word to them

Instead invited them to explore more

Her love of books has grown from that visit

She had gone there again and again as she grew up


For a very long time

She had ignored that call

To explore that magical place where stories awaited

Now a forgotten memory had brought it all back


In response to the following prompts;

Tale Weaver;





Field, Skill, Market





Word of the day Challenge;








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