Just Seven Things

Rory is asking;

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Can you list ‘just seven things’ that make you happy – whatever your definition of happy is – can you list just seven things that bring joy into your life or energy or even a sustainable synergy that when combined award you – your variation of happiness?


Why do they make you feel happy?


Once you have done that, list just seven things that make you unhappy.

Then when you have done that – explain this …. ‘How do YOU define happiness?’

Seven happy things;

1. Being at peace with my loved ones.

2. My loved ones in a good place, health, and emotion wise.

3. Being able to pay my bills and able to indulge in a treat if I do feel.

4. Helping others to find a solution to their problems, lend a helping hand emotionally or financially.

5. Losing weight!

6. Getting all my health stats in the acceptable range.

7. Going for a walk.

Seven unhappy things;

1. Being at odds with my family or friends.

2. Feeling unwell, emotionally, or physically.

3. Being worried about those I care about, and that includes my blogging friends.

4. Unable to help people I care about, through their problems.

5. Being short of money.

6. Unable to spend my day according to my daily routine.

7. Putting on weight, unable to lose weight, or messing up my health stats, like blood sugar levels.

What is happiness to me;

For me, happiness means being at peace with myself, my family, and friends.

To be in good health, and in a good frame of mind.

And finally to be able to do some good in my life.




18 thoughts on “Just Seven Things

  1. Being at peace within oneself is true happiness, I agree. The idea of Insta/social media “happiness” is the biggest cause of UNhappiness IMO. People have the wrong idea, and go searching for what doesn’t exist.

    Family is very important! Whether it’s your blood family or your chosen family.🌺🦋🤗

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