Share Your World 5-18-2020



Welcome to Share Your World!


What’s something you really resent paying for?

Shipping on online orders, specially the ones that I don’t like/ fit into. When they charge for returns, that just breaks my heart.

 What was the most unsettling film you’ve seen?

” Glass” is the most recent one. It has a twisted superhero theme and some gruesome visuals.

Do you judge people?  

I think anyone who says that they don’t, are trying to delude themselves. We all judge. But it should not be a biased judgment. Use the knowledge you have to form your opinions and then be open to changing them too. One thing that I have gained since I’ve started blogging, is acceptance. I accept that we all are different and that we all have a right to be different.

Finish this sentence:  “Back in my day, we…”?

Used to play outside till it was too dark to play. Heat or cold wouldn’t stand in the way of a good game with friends or siblings. Now kids are glued to their screens and have to be forcibly send outside.

But on the flip side, in current situation, keeping them entertained is easier.


Over here in Seattle, the weather is just perfect these days for my walk. Since I’m no fan of too much heat, I love the partly cloudy and breezy days we are having here. I enjoy my walks and have managed to shed almost 10 pounds during Ramadan(holy month of fasting for Muslims). Yey!

Overnight Mushrooms

Tiny wildflowers

Raindrops on leaves!




11 thoughts on “Share Your World 5-18-2020

  1. Thanks Sadje for Sharing Your World! Such beautiful and amazing photography too! You truly have an ‘eye’! Congratulations on the ten pounds, always such good news isn’t it? 🙂 If you didn’t care for “Glass”, then NEVER ( I repeat NEVER) watch the pre-quel “Shattered”. That one? Disturbed me so badly (for days afterward) that I have put it on the ‘banned for life’ list I keep for such films. Horrible. But there was an underlying theme to that movie that wasn’t advertised. They should have put a warning about that second theme to, that people with PTSD should avoid the film. Ugly film, worse themes in my opinion. 😦 Thanks again for your lovely photos. They erased the memory and bad taste of the bad film from my mind today! Cheers Sadje! 😀

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    1. Thanks a lot Melanie! You’re ever so kind. I agree about putting warnings of such movies. Totally disgusting, some of them. I’m happy you like the pictures. 🌹🌺💐


  2. Thanks a lot Melanie! You’re ever so kind. I agree about putting warnings of such movies. Totally disgusting, some of them. I’m happy you like the pictures.


  3. Good answers Sadje and GREAT JOB losing the weight, I have just put more on through this shut down without my pool exercise. I loved your flowers but my favorite is the last one of the raindrops on the leaves.

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