Riddikky- # 4

Rory is the host of Riddikky!

A Guy Called Bloke Feature Ridikky

Season 2 – Game 4

Just 5 questions …..

What do you define as ‘true passion’ and have you found it yet?

I think my true passion is trying to reform people. I am always trying to help them see the positive side of life.

I think it’s not a good thing but what can I do. I only help those who ask for it and try to keep my unwanted advice to myself. You might have noticed this trait in my posts too.

Everyone has something that overwhelms them …. what overwhelms you and how do you tackle it when it happens?

Chaos and disorder are the two things that throw me off. I like to plan ahead and like to be in charge of my day. So when I am running behind my schedule, I get frazzled. But I am trying to overcome this habit.

What did you used to take for granted but now, no longer do that?

My health. After being diagnosed with having type 2 diabetes, I have learned to be careful about my health. It won’t do at all for me to fall sick and for others to take care of me.

Are you ‘inked?’ [Have a tattoo] – if so, how many and if you can say where – where – and what made you want to express in that way and if not have you ever considered being inked and if not – why not?

No tattoos! None, nada!

I just admire them on others and wouldn’t get one on me!

In light of our current situation – how you perceive the world to look in the next five years?

I see people all over the world being more careful about hygiene. The taste of big gatherings will take some time to come back into vogue. We may hopefully develop some regard for our home planet after seeing how our enforced incarceration has improved the environment. And just maybe, we will also realize the differences between needs and wants.




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