Blogging Insights # 29- Comments!

Tanya is the host of this series.

She says in her intro;

When I first launched my blog, I didn’t really expect anyone other than my mother and a couple of friends to read my posts. Imagine my surprise when I got several favourable comments on my first few posts. I was over the moon; not only had people read what I had written but they had actually left feedback. Ever since, the comments section is one of my favourite parts of my own and others’ blogs.



How important is the comments section to your blog?

I think comments are the barometer of how your blog is doing. If I get many comments on any of my posts, it means that I have managed to engage the interest of my readers. Sometimes though, when I think there will be comments on a particular post, and there are none or just a few, I feel disappointed. So comments are very important to my blogging process. You can say that they are the life of this party!

Do you read the comments on other people’s blogs/posts?

Sometimes when I have time at my hands, I do. It is the fun part of blogging.

Spam comments and spammers : we all hate them. How do you identify spam comments?

The spam filter in WordPress is pretty good. Most of the spam comments are automatically filtered. Sometimes it also put actual and bonafide comments in spam too but I check regularly to rescue them.

Have you ever “approved” negative comments?


I don’t approve my comments manually. They are automatically approved, barring a few that contain certain phrases which land them in trash folder. I don’t delete negative comments usually, unless there is objectionable language involved. But I don’t respond to them. I really think that I don’t need to defend myself to others. We all have a right to our opinions but we need not conform to the desires of others.




27 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 29- Comments!

  1. My favorite part of blogging is the comments. It allows me to get to know others in my blogging community and many have been a huge support as we navigated hubby’s health issues, my brother’s untimely death, and many other challenges. I have found new “friends” through my blog and interact regularly with them.

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  2. I set myself a relatively short period of time each day to write. It was taking over life and I was spending far too long trying to get every word perfect. Then the time runs out, that’s it, publish what I have. Then any more free time can be spent reading other blogs. Works for me.

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