My Princess

First in this week;
A lovely poem from Mich.



For Sadje’s What do you See?

come sit with me
and let’s talk about
fairy tales and how
dreams do come true
that’s what we always do
in the afternoon
before sunset
just after
an afternoon nap
you told me
of how dreams
could come true
just willingly
use the power of
your imagination
you always say
it will help you create
ideas and thoughts
and beliefs
that others can’t
then plan and act
and take them with you
as you sleep
dream about it
it will happen

come sit with me dear
that’s what you always say
to me, back then as a little girl
running wildly
joyfully and playfully
skipping, hopping
from foot to foot
on the ground
then, i’ll sit beside you
and you’d  tell me
for so many times always
of how your own “fairy tale”
came true
and your  “dreams do come true”

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8 thoughts on “My Princess

  1. Dreams… do come true Mich…. and your poems is garden seat of beautiful dreams……

    I’m an old dreamer Mich….

    Our Garden Seat

    Beyond where anyone can see
    Past the rain and pain
    I’m bathing in the Milky-way
    On the edge of the black sea
    Away from yesterday’s heat
    Under Eden’s golden tree
    There’s a comfy garden seat
    A resting place, for you and me

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