Daily Prompts- Too quick to discard?

Are we too quick to make obsolete

What is old and has seen better days

Reaching for the new and the shiny

Relegating the used to a attic chest

Why not be clever with both our money and time

Find new uses for the used and save a few dimes

Let’s not surrender to the constant deluge

Of adverts urging us to get the latest models

Of this that or the other gadgets

Refresh our minds, post a photographs there

Of all the advantages of have the tried and tested

And refrain from going headlong into

A buying spree for the latest on the market

In response to the following prompts;




Obsolete, Chest, Clever





Word of the day Challenge;








18 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Too quick to discard?

  1. With the speed at which technology is moving, things are going obsolete before your cab say obsolete! Let’s not surrender to that worrying trend. Our planet needs us on her side. Beautifully written, Sadje.

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