The joy of being 10

You can guess that this post is about my ten years old grandson.

He has boundless energy and hops, skips, and runs to whatever place he is going. When we go for our daily walks, he often sprints ahead and then comes back to join me in my sedentary walk. Though I have improved my pace considerably, walking with him.

I love the optimism of youth. He looks at things quite pragmatically and is mostly upbeat about things. A word of criticism would pull him down momentarily but he bounces back pretty quickly.

Last Sunday I gave him a haircut. His hair is very thick and grows like weeds. And going to a barber is out of the question these days. He was patient with me, not making any objections to the amateurish haircut. And didn’t break down when I accidentally wiped away one sideburn completely with the new clipper. I had to do the other one too, to balance out things and he took it like a champ.

I wish I had half his energy and all of his naivety. He is so trusting and free from cynicism.

I love him to bits.

(Photos are from my daily walks)

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29 thoughts on “The joy of being 10

  1. I wish I’d been like that at 10. My childhood wasn’t as secure. He’s obviously well loved and feels secure to have such freedom and no worries. Your daughter is doing an excellent job, with help from GrandmaπŸ˜‰πŸ€—

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