Share Your World 5-11-2020


Welcome to Share Your World!


  • I asked this on an award thingie I was nominated for, and I got such interesting responses, I thought I’d ask it on Share Your World too:  Do you have a favorite kind of tree?

I love all types of trees for their different characteristics. An oak for its sheer size and strength, a weeping willow for its delicacy, a fruit tree for the fruit it provides, and a pine for its resilience.

  • What bridges are you happy you burned?

I have discarded false friends. I have no regrets about it either.

  • Would you sacrifice yourself (die) for a stranger?

I may like to think so, imagining my self a heroic figure, but in reality, I don’t think I would be able to do it. However, if I had completed my medical studies and became a practicing doctor, I might very well be doing it right now. Putting my life on the line for strangers.

  • How have your priorities changed since the C-19 virus took over?

Since this crisis started, I am trying to keep up with my time commitments. I’ve become busier than I used to be. So that is one change.

The other is to stay away from people. No shopping, no store browsing and no pleasure trip to just visit and walk around.

Gratitude Section:


Please feel free to share your gratitude!  During this troubling time, some positive input is sorely needed, so any memes, stories, photos, or anything else you find uplifting is welcome!   Please share!   Thanks!  

The time when spring is giving way to summer is one of my favorites. I enjoy my walks though I try to stay in shade. I am healthy and so are my family and friends. I am very grateful.



19 thoughts on “Share Your World 5-11-2020

  1. I love the images, especially the one of the birds. I am getting a bit frustrated with the whole social distancing thing. I continue to do so, as it really can be a matter of life or death. I found it particularly trying on Mothers’ Day when we saw out son for a short visit standing the recommended distance apart. All I wanted to do was hug him. I didn’t but it was a huge challenge because i am a hugger. Great post, Sadje.

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      1. Agreed, but it’s wearing very thin now. I keep reminding myself the second wave of the Spanish flu killed way more people than the first. That’s sobering and a good reminder of why we’re all doing this.

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