Daily Prompts- My hair, my worry!

The hair……

It’s a tad out of shape…..

You could try to straight iron it or something……

Maybe tease it into a becoming style……

Did I ask your opinion?

Don’t press me to do something

I’m not going to grapple with this right now

If it doesn’t look sensational, who cares

I will wear a hairband or tie them up

If you have an issue with my looks

I’d advise you to go take a glance

At your reflection in the mirror

Social distancing has not made much difference

To the tolerance level in some household

Criticism of the appearance of a partner

Still is a norm among some couples

Better be aware, l am no longer complacent

I can bite too, ’cause even a rose has thorns

In response to the following prompts;




Band, Sensational, Press





Word of the day Challenge;


Tuesday Writing Prompt;

“Even a rose has thorns”








12 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- My hair, my worry!

  1. I always wear my hair in a twist or bun on top of my head. I really should just chop it off. It’s long and a pain, so I never wear it down.
    My ex used to hate when I cut my hair short, now I’m too lazy to do it🤣🤣🤣

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