Snowflakes Did Fall (That Summer Morn’)

First in this week from Michnavs.
Enjoy this lovely poem.



For Sadje’s What Do You See

’twas just few summers ago
when snowflakes miraculously fell
unto my skin like little solid raindrop
snowflakes should never fall in summer
but it did, that summer morning

from little snowflakes to snowfall
my dreams of buidling a snowman
did happen, in a summer morning
when snowflakes should never fall
but it did, that summer morning

snow and cold in summer, not ideal
but i built my first snowman, lovely
then the second one, cheerful
and then the third one, beautiful
finally, the fourth one, could look like you

forecast calls for near zero temperatures and cool weather for the week, ’twas odd
but it did, snowflakes even fell that summer
and i built snowman in May
totally and absolutely odd

just as you left, without saying goodbye
that summer morning when the
sun should be shining and the days
should be hotter…

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