Daily Prompts- Saying it as it is

Quiet and quiescent was never my style

But being disagreeable isn’t me either

Speaking my mind is something vital to me

Not to upkeep appearance but to break the barriers

I won’t keep quiet when words are necessary

I have found the perfect platform to pontificate

Hope I don’t bore you all with my sermons

May be I am too repetitive at times

But it is better to say it aloud than to brood

But I choose my words carefully before letting them out!

In response to the following prompts;




Metal, Upkeep, Brood











14 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Saying it as it is

  1. Thanks for joining today’s prompt. Your poem reminds me of the old saying, “Speak when you’re angry and you will make the best speech you’ve ever regretted.” I am inclined to speak up and disagree, but am learning to think the issue over twice before popping off an opinion. πŸ™‚

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