Fandango Friday Flashback- Being Grateful

I am sharing this post from 8 May, 2019, as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback.

It’s easier said than done. We are always hearing these words: Be mindful and be grateful. So we try to be. But what it actually means, to be grateful?

Being grateful is not a random act. It is a constant way of looking at life. It is coming out of jejune and simplistic thinking. If something good or positive happens in our lives, we are happy. We may say that we are grateful. But being truly conscious of the blessings and positive things in our lives means that we acknowledge both their presence and their loss. If we have good health, we acknowledge it and appreciate it in a manner that would enhance this blessing, that is an example of being grateful. And if we are no longer in good health, instead of lamenting the illness that has stricken us, we have to remember to be grateful for the time that we were free from illness. This enhances the positive thinking and makes us more attuned to face the realities of life.

If we discussed the semantics, of being grateful and saying that we are happy about something in our lives, we will realize that being happy about something is a temporary phase, while gratitude is an overall attitude. Let’s face it, life is never a bed of roses only. There are occasional thorns that stick into our side at most inappropriate moments. If we go with the attitude of being happy or sad at these momentary fluctuations, we will always be in a state of stress. If we realize that the good we get in our lives far exceeds the bad that happens, we will develop an attitude of gratitude! So, though it is a clichéd phrase, counting our blessings does make our outlook more positive in life! And help us to reach the apex.

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