Share Your World 5-4-2020



•What can you break even if you don’t touch it?  (yes there is a real answer to this.  I’ll reveal it in the next week sometime.  Still, answer how you would like – no right or wrong answer)

Me, I can break anything without touching. I have this superpower where anything that I want to handle carefully, it breaks. Aren’t you impressed!😛

Well jokes aside, I think you can break a promise without touching it. Or in my case a fast, as it is the month of Ramadan and we are fasting.

•What’s the most useful thing you own?

It is a cliche but I’d say my phone. It is very useful as it connects me to my family, friends, and my blogging community around the world.

•What’s The Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten Into A Fight With Someone Over?

Did you eat my candy?

Age 5

Did you eat my cake?

Age 10

Did you touch my stuff?

Age 13

Give me the tv remote!

Age 40 onwards!

•If You Were A Snake, How Long Would You Want To Be?   No, size does not matter.  😛

Given my size, I’d be a boa constrictor!

Gratitude and/or uplifting?   Please share.   We can all use some of those.  

I am extremely grateful for the fact that I’m so busy these days that time is just flying by. With my homeschooling duties, blogging, and walking, I have no time to feel bored.



28 thoughts on “Share Your World 5-4-2020

  1. Thanks Sadje for Sharing Your World! That snake is impressive (if a bit scary). I have a super power too, it’s called ‘insert footius in mouthius” or “open mouth without thinking first syndrome.” Yours might be irritating, mine has caused those fights I mentioned 😆 Have a great week sweetie! ❤

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    1. You’re right that it is sometimes difficult to be grateful. But I believe that we are in charge of how we think and we should try to be positive.


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