Daily Prompts- To understand life

Life sometimes seems enshrouded in mystery

The cypher a little difficult to decode for us

Overwhelming us with difficult situations

Leaving us mired in problems too often

We rage against the bad times and lose hope

But there is always a reason behind each trial

Every test teaches us something invaluable

It’s at the end of a dark tunnel that it is unmasked

And we gather that there was some good that

Came from the hard trek we went through

Remember to breath deep, smell the jasmine

Believe in yourself and in God that you worship

Take the bad with the good, easy with the hard

In response to the following prompts;




Worship, Remember, Bad





Word of the day Challenge;








26 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- To understand life

  1. It is so true, but often hard to believe or live by. I think things happen for a reason and although those lessons are hard, there has to be a purpose. I think about it when I think about losing my husband and son thirteen months apart. Now COVID…God has his plans.

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