Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 2 May 2020

Sarah is the host of Saturday Mix

Welcome to the Saturday Mix, 2 May 2020!

This week we are “writing away, and having a play, with rhyming words for you today” with Rhyme Time.

‘Rhyme Time’ focuses on the use of rhyme to build your writing piece. You will be given six rhyming words* and need to use all of them (but not limited to these) in your response, which should be a poetry form of your choice.

*Homophones can be used as alternatives to the challenge words.

Our rhyming words this week are:

  1. flame
  2. frame
  3. game
  4. blame
  5. same
  6. claim


It is very easy to shift the blame

For some, it is only a reckless game

Who takes the fall for their actions, it’s the same

Finding a fall guy, they’ll for their deeds, frame

They can light the fire but cannot stand the flame

Their cry; it’s not my doing others are to be blame




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