Daily Prompts- How we did it!

When each day looks identical to the other

We feel overwhelmed and frazzled, at our wit‘s end

Just reach deep inside your soul and draw on your fortitude

Time ticks on never pauses never stops

This time too shall pass and the worst will be over

Years later it will a tale to tell our young generation

How with courage and forbearance we handled

The crisis of 2020, and came out the other end

Alive, stronger and more aware of our responsibilities

In response to the following prompts;




Bed, Young, Curious





Word of the day Challenge;








31 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- How we did it!

  1. Perhaps I’m not optimistic enough, but I think our younger generation will deal with something like this, too. Serious virusus come along every now and then, and people are reacting more swiftly and strongly to the potential danger.

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  2. Sadje, I find this poem very riveting and am very satisfied about your optimistic writing about achievements and overcoming coronavirus ’19. I also find the fact we may be frazzled and burned out amid our duties to impede it, but still rely on willingness and dauntlessness, even though time restlessly will go on along with life with no relenting. Moreover, though no direct references to remdesivir nor social distancing are directly mentioned, they are mandatory inspirations for our selflessness and patience, even amid rapid teamwork. Lastly, I find that the future tale about our current conflict against this pandemic as a potential legend will be a great legacy of our means of curbing and even mitigating it through technology, science, and solidarity (despite standing apart).



    1. Thank you Greg for sharing your very insightful thoughts. You’re right, when we defeat this virus, we will be justifiably proud of ourselves. We only need to think of the bigger picture.


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