Attitude of gratitude or attitude of resentment

This Sunday, something to think about!

These days we often talk about gratitude

I’ve seen both sides of the coin in my life

One are those who count their blessings daily

And there are those who are perpetually resentful

The inherent difference between the two

Is that one would find things to be grateful for

And the other is looking for things to complain about

What makes the two types so different

One is accepting of their circumstances truly

And the other is at war with their all the time

All that is needed is a strong dose of reality

Sitting down and analyzing their life pragmatically

And it is clear as a day that we have to accept

What is and start from there to develop

How we want life to be, with patience




22 thoughts on “Attitude of gratitude or attitude of resentment

  1. I love this. Resentment is such a self defeating emotion. If you spent the time deciding how to change what you don’t like instead of resenting others fortune you’d find you had something to be grateful for! We’re all resentful sometimes, it’s human nature. It’s an important feeling to look for and weed out of our hearts before it takes root

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