Daily Prompts- Yes, I feel

I feel

I see

I hear

I smell

And I am grateful

For my senses, connecting me to the world around me

Is it thick, or thin, I can feel with a touch

I see the world with my eyes open wide

I smell the bewitching scents of flowers

I hear the melodies and singing

Never inundated with the sensory inputs

I am deeply appreciative of these abilities

Sometimes they do go into overdrive

Working overtime to decipher different stimuli

But it just adds to the joy of living for me

Yes, now I am more than grateful

That I feel, that all I do feel

In response to the following prompts;




Twitch, Thick, Point





Word of the day Challenge;








36 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Yes, I feel

  1. Salutations again, Sadje. I find that your poem about senses is very picturesque with substantial diction of words. Firstly, I find that touch and pain are very important senses for us in our worlds, no matter how thin or thick the earth is, no matter how enduring pain can be, because they make us feel the tangible and the intangible matter, life, things, people, places, and emotions. Secondly, sight over the world, and even one’s own world, including yours, is a crucial sense for connecting us because it helps us picture and catch every memory in everyday life, or, as abbreviated, to see. Thirdly, I find bewitching as an enchanting verb and adjective for smell, such as flowers, as it blesses us with savory and sweet aromas and casts aromatic spells. Fourthly, I like the fact that senses can not always overflood us, but we still admire them, and that they can get very productive later on to decode what makes us sense, because senses can work very effectively to unravel causes, no matter how fast. In conclusion, I approve the fact that the senses that make us grateful as you and I, can add in more joy and passion in our everyday lives for we owe great debts of gratitude unto the senses of ours.


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    1. Thanks again Greg for your very detailed feedback. I agree with you on all points. Absence of pain means we cannot learn to savor pleasure.


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